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About BCT

BCT’s mission is to enable residents to build on the strengths and talents within their communities, and take action to make their areas even better places to live. We do this through offering communities funding, support, opportunities for sharing and learning, and the chance to influence organisations whose decisions affect them.

Our Invest Local programme has people at its heart, supporting communities to achieve their goals. We believe that this community-led approach will:

  • Build an awareness among communities of the area’s strengths and talents
  • Enable residents to play an active part in identifying goals for the area and developing activities that will bring positive change to their communities 
  • Allow communities to choose what they think are the best ways to achieve their goals
  • Equip local people with the skills, confidence and expertise that they need to lead the work – both now and in the future.

Learning and sharing is also a central part of what we do. As we deliver the programme our work will offer opportunities for learning – within the community, for our directors and funders, and for the wider sector.  

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