Invest Local comes to Swansea

Invest Local comes to Swansea

21 Jul 2016

The area of Clase in Swansea is the eleventh community to join Invest Local.

The area is around four miles from the centre of Swansea, and is home to the headquarters of the DVLA. It has a busy community centre, hosting everything from bowls to dancing to karate to a marching band. There is also an active family centre in the area.

Rachel Harding, Invest Local Officer for Clase said: “It’s really exciting to work here in Swansea. People have been so enthusiastic about the project so far, with lots of ideas about changes they’d like like to see in their community.”

“The next stage is widespread conversations with the community to discover what’s good about living there, and what could improve life. We need as many people as possible from the area to let us know what they think.”

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