Pembrokeshire Community First to Secure Funding

Pembrokeshire Community First to Secure Funding

21 Jul 2017

Huge congratulations to Hubberston and Hakin – the first community in Wales to receive Invest Local Driving Change funding for their community plan.

Over the next year, the community will use Invest Local funding for everything from summer play schemes for children to new junior football pitches, community fun days to improvements to the community centre.

Over the past 18 months, the Hubberston and Hakin Community Forum has used Getting Going Funding to hold events and workshops to speak to as many people across the community, about what they like about living in the area, what they’d improve and how they’d like to see the £1million used in Hubberston and Hakin.

The group’s first Driving Change plan concentrates on sustaining and developing spaces and clubs that are a vital part of the community – the community-run play park, the football club, golf club and community centre.

The funding will also be used to build community connections through a series of events, as well as activities to improve communication in the area.

This is the first plan for the Hubberston and Hakin, covering activities over the next year. The group will continue to speak to people in the area and come up with more proposals, projects and plans for the rest of the £1million of Invest Local funding over the next 10 years.

Kate McCabe is the Invest Local Officer for Hubberston and Hakin. She said: “We’re really excited about plans in Hubberston and Hakin, and look forward to seeing how things change in the area over the coming months. It’s great to see that the community have concentrated on developing its existing assets, as well as building community connections through events and activities.”

You can read the plan in full here.

Pictured are members of the Hubberston and Hakin Community Forum and Sue Leonard, Chief Officer of Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services' (PAVS).

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