Next Steps for Clase 4 All

Next Steps for Clase 4 All

25 Jan 2018

25498413_210572999517054_397315228013897Clase 4 All - the Invest Local group in Clase, Swansea – have been busy over the past few months. After establishing a brand through a logo competition with the local primary school, and running events in the community to find out how people would like, the group are ready to start planning some projects for the area.

They’ve used various methods to find out what the community’s priorities are, from door-knocking with questionnaires to hanging messages on ‘wishing trees’, community fun days to a Santa’s grotto.

After looking at what people have said is important to them and what they’d like to improve, the group have come up with the following priorities for the area:

  • The Environment and physical appearance of Clase
  • Community Hub
  • Families, Children and Young People
  • Safety
  • Older People’s Services

To make the Clase 4 All meetings more relevant, the group have decided to form smaller groups to work on each topic. They hope that this approach will make meetings shorter, more focused and relevant – and will attract more people from the community that are interested in that particular topic to come along, give their ideas and get involved.

26731481_963357897162653_764923377056527They are already making a start with a group on families and young people, and are planning a pizza night to talk to the young people in the area.

The group have also used Facebook a lot more to talk to local people, which had has a big impact on the number of people talking about Invest Local in the area.

Kate McCabe, Invest Local Officer for Clase said: “The group in Clase have taken a big leap forward in choosing their themes, and have really reached out to the community using social media. I’m really looking forward to see what ideas and plans the project teams come up with over the next few months.”

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