Investment in Assets for We Are Plas Madoc

Investment in Assets for We Are Plas Madoc

26 Apr 2018

Invest Local in Plas Madoc has got off to a flying start, with many of the projects from the area’s first Driving Change plan already up and running.

The local steering group – which has chosen the name We Are PlasMadoc – has prioritised supporting and improving two of the estate’s major assets with their first wave of funding.

Expanding the vibrant play culture

There estate is home to a world-leading adventure playground, known as ‘The Land’, where local children have a dedicated space to create, explore and play.

But due to funding cuts, the future of play provision in Plas Madoc was under threat.We Are Plas Madoc’s consultation identified that that one of the top priorities for local residents is provision for children, so the group decided to use some of its £1million to support an develop the play work that’s already going on in the area.

Some of the money will keep The Land running while the team explore alternative funding, and the play team will also be able to re-establish popular holiday play schemes and year-round Street Play projects.

Supporting the community-run leisure centre

Another of the estate’s assets is the leisure centre – a community-owned and run facility that local people took over when the council announced its closure in 2014.

The Splash Community Trust has received funding to replace the inefficient boilers in the centre. The new boilers will save the centre almost £20,000 in running costs each year – money that will be used to develop the centre into a community hub for Plas Madoc (also identified as a priority by local people).

The group also identified ‘Improving Community Spirit’ as a priority, and has run a series of events to bring the community together – like a Christmas event and a fireworks display. They plan to run four big events each year, as well as smaller events and activities. They are also exploring timebanking as a way of developing community spirit and security through increased social networks and engagement.

You can read We Are Plas Madoc’s first Driving Change plan here.

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