Llwynhendy Hosts Invest Local Get-Together

Llwynhendy Hosts Invest Local Get-Together

16 Nov 2018

Invest Local recently held a cross-group workshop to bring together members of Steering Groups from different communities to share their experiences of and ideas for the Invest Local programmes in their areas.

People from Caerau, Llwynhendy and Penywaun were treated to a warm welcome at Trallwm Hall, home to OurLlwynhendy’s weekly Breakfast Club, which provides a friendly haven for local adults and children alike.

Human Bingo sheet

After the ice was broken by a game of Human Bingo, Steering Groups shared their progress to date and hopes for the future on building stronger communities, improving the environment, engaging young people and improving local communications.

The three areas are at differing stages in the Invest Local programme. Caerau are over a year into delivering their first Driving Change programme, whereas Penywaun are at the Getting Going stage and Llwynhendy’s Getting Going activities began relatively recently.

IL Get Together people 2

This made for a good mix of skills and experience, with Caerau sharing their lessons learned with Penywaun and Llwynhendy, such as Caerau’s dedicated ‘Comms Group’ and community building through working with other local groups. However, the learning went both ways, as Caerau members were keen to hear about Llwynhendy’s local engagement with Tempo Time Credits and Penywaun’s community radio station.

IL Get Together mind map

Together, inspiration and ideas for future activities emerged and personal connections were made, with people eagerly offering their expertise to the other areas and guided tours of their Invest Local projects.

IL Get Together feedback

We are hoping this workshop will be the first of many Invest Local get-togethers and the next is already being planned for South East Wales before the New Year. Watch this space!

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