Penywaun Celebrate Their Community’s History

Penywaun Celebrate Their Community’s History

16 Dec 2019

Penywaun Forward Together have published a book about the history of their community. The book – by local author Robert Cornwall - traces the story of Penywaun from two small family farms to a population of over 2000 people.

At a busy launch event, the community shared stories and memories from the past, and learnt about the group’s plans for Penywaun’s future.

The book and the launch events fit in with the group’s themes of improved community spirit and creating a positive image of Penywaun.

The Chair of Penywaun Forward Together, Martin Williams, said: “It is great to have a formal record of the history of Penywaun. While it’s got a lot of people talking about the old days, it will also benefit the future of Penywaun as all the money we make from selling the book will be put back into our £1million fund.”

Copies of the book have already been snapped up to be sent to relatives across the globe – from Ireland to Australia.

You can find a copy of Penywaun’s first Driving Change plan here.

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