In Caerau newsletter: produced and delivered by Invest Local Caerau

In Caerau newsletter: produced and delivered by Invest Local Caerau

17 Dec 2019

Invest Local Caerau have released an Autumn 2019 edition of their newsletter In Caerau, keeping local residents informed about Invest Local Caerau’s new Driving Change plan and the progress made by projects funded so far, as well news from other groups and activities in the area.

It also features an introduction from the recently appointed Invest Local Caerau Funding Support Worker Alex Bowen, who has been busy getting to know Caerau’s people and projects during her first few months. Alex said of the newsletter:

"From my experience, this newsletter has good feedback. It tells people what’s going on through Invest Local Caerau – projects that have been funded so far, news from groups and activities in the area, and it also gives people a positive sense of community identity.

"I think the newsletter is a great way of letting people know about their community – things that they might like be involved in, projects that they are proud of, groups that they might have heard about, and events that they can come along to…”

A local resident agreed, commenting:

“ There’s a lot going on – it’s a great place to live in, a good community.  Most people want to make it better, and want to join in, despite the bad reputation we have…”

Hard copies are currently being distributed across Caerau and nearby areas, and you can also read and share the newsletter below. Caerau is one of several Invest Local areas updating local people through newsletters, others include Ynysowen, Plas Madoc, Clase and Pill.

In Caerau

In Caerau Newsletter Autumn 2019

(This newsletter is only available in English.)

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