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  1. Invest Local is a Big Lottery-funded programme working in 13 communities across Wales. Each community gets £1million over 10 years, and the community decides on how the money will be spent. You can find out more about how the programme works here.

  2. Each of the 13 communities involved in Invest Local gets £1million to spend over 10 years. As well as the £1million, all of the communities can access funds for ‘Shared Learning’ – for visiting other projects, learning new skills and sharing experiences with each other.

  3. There are three phases to the programme: Getting Going, Driving Change and Shared Learning, which you can find more about here.

  4. The areas were chosen by the Big Lottery Fund, which wanted to reach communities that may have been overlooked for funding in the past, and ensure a spread of communities across the whole of Wales.

  5. The 13 communities are spread across Wales, and you can find a full list of them here.

  6. Invest Local starts with what people in communities want. We believe that the people who live and work in the communities are the best people to decide how their areas should develop. We want people to identify the strengths and skills of their communities, and use these alongside the funding, to create projects and activities that bring long-term, positive change.

  7. Invest Local definitely isn’t in competition with other programmes or organisations. In fact, working together with other groups and organisations is an essential part of the way we do things. 

  8. Because it’s an opportunity for everyone living in the community to have a say in how their areas will develop over the next 10 years. We want as many people as possible to give us their ideas and opinions, so that Invest Local benefits everyone that lives there.

  9. BCT is the organisation that delivers Invest Local.

  10. Invest Local has been targeted at 13 communities, so we can invest resources in these areas to make positive change. There are no plans to add any additional areas to the programme. 

  11. Each area has an Invest Local Officer to support them throughout the programme. They give help and advice to the local steering group to help them achieve their vision for the area.


  12. There are lots of ways to get involved, whether you have a great idea, want to help make things happen or you’d like to find out what’s going on. Over the next few months, there’ll be a series of meetings and events about Invest Local in your area. Contact your Invest Local Officer to find out more.

  13. Each community has some sort of steering group of local people that makes decisions about how the money is spent. Communities write Driving Change plans for their area, setting out what local people’s priorities are, and what projects they will run to address these priorities. We want everyone who lives and works in an Invest Local area to have a say in how the money is used, so the steering groups must show that they have talked to as many people in the local area as possible.

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