How It Works

How it Works

Each community looks at its unique strengths and skills, decides how it wants the local area to develop, then plans and delivers activities and projects to make it an even better place to live.

The programme has three parts:

Getting Going

To kick start Invest Local support and, where necessary, small scale funding will be available to tell people in each area about the programme, get them involved, and develop a vision for the community.

After consulting a wide range of people from the local area, each community will develop an Invest Local plan, looking at what the area already has, how it would like to develop, what activities and projects it would like to run, and how it plans to run them.

Download the Getting Going programme guidance

Driving Change

Driving Change is the core part of the programme. There is up to £1million available over ten years for the community to run the activities from its Invest Local plan.

As each community will have different priorities and unique local plans, the Driving Change phase will look different in each area. What they’ll all have in common is individuals, groups and organisations from the community working together to create positive and long-lasting change.

Shared Learning

This phase runs throughout the programme. It will allow community members to take part in learning activities that will help them to deliver their plan – this might involve anything from a training course for a specific skill or a visit to a similar project. There will also be opportunities for people from all 13 Invest Local areas to meet and share experiences.



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