Strong Welsh Communities

 Strong Welsh Communities

We want to build a brighter future for communities in Wales. We want Welsh Government to focus its energies on supporting people in their own communities to do the things that matter to them.

We want to build stronger communities because we know that they improve the wellbeing, resilience and opportunities of local people.

The floods and Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 highlighted the value, strength and resourcefulness of community groups. They provided food, friendship and support with a knowledge and care that only local people can.

But the value of this community support remains overlooked, under-resourced and too often taken for granted by national and local government. If Welsh Government makes it a priority to listen to, trust and support communities, it would do much to secure a healthier, happier and more sustainable future for the people of Wales.

We want Welsh Government to give communities:

More Recognition and Rights
We want a Minister with dedicated responsibility for communities, so the work of community organisations is recognised and supported by Welsh Government.
More Respect
We want improved collaboration between public bodies and community-led organisations, and recognition of the knowledge, experience and strengths of local groups.
More Investment
We want to create a long-term Community Wealth Fund for Wales to give communities in Wales the long-term, flexible funding they need to plan and deliver projects in their local areas.
 Read our manifesto to find out more.

Get Involved
Your voice is important. Here’s how you can show your support for our campaign and secure a brighter future for #StrongWelshCommunities

  • Use our template letter to write to your Member of the Senedd (MS) sending them the Strong Welsh Communities Manifesto
  • Contact us for tailored support contacting your MS, organising local meetings and hustings events   
  • Follow @BCTWales and #StrongWelshCommunities on Twitter
  • Share your story of community action on social media using #StrongWelshCommunities
  • Tag your MS and candidates and ask that they show their support for #StrongWelshCommunities

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